What are the best job portals in Singapore?

Jul, 26 2023

In my exploration of Singapore's job market, I've discovered several outstanding job portals. JobsCentral and JobStreet are two of the most popular, offering a vast array of job listings across various sectors. LinkedIn is also a key player, providing not just job opportunities but also networking possibilities. MyCareersFuture, a government initiative, is another excellent portal, particularly for Singaporeans seeking local employment. Lastly, FastJobs is a go-to platform for part-time and gig-based work.

What is the best way to find a job in Dubai?

Jul, 22 2023

Finding a job in Dubai can be a fruitful endeavor if you know where to look. Networking is crucial, as it can open doors to opportunities not advertised. Online job portals, recruitment agencies, and company websites are also valuable resources. Having a well-crafted CV and a readiness to learn about the Emirati culture is essential. Lastly, patience and persistence are key to finding the right job in Dubai.

How can an Indian get a job in Qatar?

Feb, 9 2023

Qatar is a popular destination for Indian workers and offers plenty of job opportunities. To get a job in Qatar, Indians must first ensure they have a valid passport and the required qualifications and experience. They can then look for jobs online, through recruitment agencies or by attending job fairs in India. Once they have found a job, they must apply for a visa from the Qatar Embassy and also secure a work permit from the Ministry of Labour in Qatar. After all the paperwork is completed, they will be eligible to start working in Qatar.